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30 Years of Learning, Innovating & Partnering

Polariod of Rio Salado Building30 Years - Learning, Innovating, Partnering


Overview of Rio Salado College

Rio Salado, “the college within everyone’s reach©,” is celebrating 30 years of Learning, Innovating & Partnering:

  • Providing learning opportunities to local, national and international communities
  • Creating innovative products, services and programs
  • Developing partnerships with educational institutions, governmental agencies, corporations and other organizations to benefit its students.

These are the three keys to the college’s core organizational practices and goals. They are the driving force behind the college’s unparalleled success.

The 30th anniversary is often referred to as the year of pearl. The pearl, much like Rio Salado, is a metaphor for something rare, fine and admirable. The college has been a rare gem among the Maricopa Community colleges, a successful model for growth and new ideas. Often Rio Salado is referred to as a primary example of a fine and exceptional college. As the college enters its 30th year, it will continue to be an admirable force in the world of higher education.

Rio Logos of the Past:

1978 Logo


1979 Logo


1984 Logo




 1985 Logo

 1990 Logo

 2001 Logo




 Current logo:  
 2008 Logo