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Phoenix Heart Walk


2017 Phoenix Heart Walk

Saturday, March 18, 2017
Downtown Phoenix

Did you know that 40 years ago there was no CPR, 30 years ago there was no angioplasty and 15 years ago there were no medications to reduce the disability from stroke?

The American Heart Association strongly believes that learning about cardiovascular disease is the best way to reduce disability and death. That’s why research is a priority. The American Heart Association’s research programs have contributed to many important scientific advances.

Yet they need more resources to attract and encourage promising scientists to careers in cardiovascular and stroke research, fund high-quality research projects, and originate new programs to meet the needs of the research community. A lack of resources results in promising research going unfunded – we may never know what discoveries have been sacrificed.

Your monetary, tax-deductible donation will support research, community service, and public and professional education programs. 

For more information about the Walk and to become a participant, please contact Robyn Sheppard, 480-517-8507 or