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Residential Faculty at Rio Salado College

Addictions and Substance Use Disorders
Kirk Bowden, Faculty Chair
B.A., Brigham Young University; M.A., Ottawa University; Ph.D., Northcentral University

Administration of Justice and Paralegal
Angela Kwan, Faculty Chair
B.A., Grand Canyon University; M.A., University of Phoenix

Allied Health
Holly S. Harper, Interim Faculty Chair
R.D.H., Temple University; M.Ed., Northern Arizona University

Applied Technology
Richard Cuprak, Jr., Faculty Chair
B.S., Northern Arizona University; M.S., Arizona State University

Robert Semmler II, Faculty Chair
A.A., Northern Essex Community College, Massachusetts; B.S., M.Ed., Boston State College; M.S., University of New Mexico

Business, Management, Public Administration, and Corporate/Government Programs
Gina Pinch, Interim Faculty Chair
B.S., Arizona State University; M.A.Ed., University of Phoenix

Julie Cober, Faculty Chair
B.A., Arizona State University; M.S., Grand Canyon University

Computer Technology and Honors Program
Kerrie Specker, Faculty Chair
A.A., Rio Salado College; B.A., Governors State University; M.A., Webster University; Ed.D., Northcentral University

Counseling and Personal Development
Melanie Abts, Faculty Chair
B.S., University of Arizona; M.Ed., Northern Arizona University; Ed.D., Arizona State University

Dental Programs
Holly S. Harper, Faculty Chair
R.D.H., Temple University; M.Ed., Northern Arizona University

Education, Early Childhood & Human Development, and eLearning Design
Jennifer Gresko, Faculty Chair
B.S., Grand Canyon University; M.Ed., Arizona State University; Ed.D., Arizona State University

English, Creative Writing, New Media Studies, and Curriculum Development
Jennifer K. Shantz, Faculty Chair
A.G.S., Rio Salado College; A.A., Glendale Community College; B.A., Arizona State University; M.Ed., Northern Arizona University; Ed.D., Northern Arizona University

Humanities, History, and Design
Janine Adkins, Faculty Chair
B.S., The American University; M.A., Brown University; Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Angela Felix, Faculty Chair
B.A., Arizona State University; M.A., Arizona State University; Ph.D., Capella University

Library Services
Hazel M. Davis, Faculty Chair
B.A., Higher Diploma in Librarianship, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa; M.L.S., University of Arizona

Janelle Underhill, Faculty Librarian
B.A., Arizona State University; M.A., University of Arizona

Karen Docherty, Faculty Librarian
B.A., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; M.A., Library & Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

John Jensen, Faculty Chair
B.A., Fordham University; M.A., Arizona State University

Physical Science, Food and Nutrition, Sustainable Food Systems, and Sustainability
Shawn Korman, Faculty Chair
B.A. Arizona State University; M.Ed Northern Arizona University

Psychology,  Philosophy, and Religious Studies
Wanda Tucker, Faculty Chair
B.A., Saint Leo; M.Div., Virginia Union University, Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology; M.A., Arizona State University; Ed.D., Northern Arizona University

Reading and ESL
Julie Cober,Interim Faculty Chair
B.A., Arizona State University; M.S., Grand Canyon University

Social Sciences
Patricia S. Case, Faculty Chair
A.A., Scottsdale Community College; B.S., M.C., Arizona State University; Ph.D., Walden University

STEM Initiatives
Rick Vaughn, Faculty Chair
B.S., University of San Francisco; M.A., University of California; Ph.D., University of California

Emeritus Distinction
Diana Abel, Ed.D.
Julie Bertch, Ph.D.
Beatriz Cohen, M.C.
Laura Helminski, M.A.
Janet Johnson, Ph.D.
Tom Lombardo, Ph.D.
Willie Minor, Ed.D.
Jean Tease, Ed.D.
Barry Wukasch, Ph.D