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Division of Public Service


Rio Salado’s Division of Public Service manages three, award-winning public radio stations and a youth media center.

Radio Stations & Outreach

  • KJZZ 91.5 - Features local, NPR and international news, entertainment, classic jazz and blues. Available on 91.5 FM and HD1, online at and with iPhone and Android mobile players. Classic jazz is also available on 91.5 FM HD2 and
  • K-BACH 89.5 The Valley’s Classical Companion at the Heart of the Arts features classical music, arts and culture news.  Available on 89.5 FM and HD1, online at and Eight Arizona PBS, TV-HD4.
  • Sun Sounds of Arizona - Features audio access and information to people who cannot read print because they have a disability. Available on 89.5 HD3, specialty radios, telephone, podcasts and
  • SPOT 127 - KJZZ's youth media center helps Valley teens develop state-of-the-art skills in digital media and journalism while connecting them to higher education.
  • Soundbite - Combining the power of Public Radio with the majesty of gourmet vending, Soundbite works to transform community through providing a unique blend of opportunities; from recording stories, to hosting civil public and corporate discussions in a non-traditional setting.

Department Leads

  • Jon Hoban, Vice President of Public Service
  • John Sage, Associate Vice President, Operations
  • Ralph Hogan, Associate General Manager, Engineering
  • Linda Pastori, General Manager, Development KJZZ/K-BACH & Sun Sounds Arizona
  • Phil Meyer, Executive Director, FPRAZ / Director, Strategic Initiatives
  • Scott Williams, Director, Audience Research
  • Andrea Pasquale, Director, Sun Sounds of Arizona
  • Matt Myers, Associate General Manager, Executive Director, Spot 127