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Saving the environment can seem like an overwhelming concept, but you can easily make a difference by starting to live more green. A good place to start is by asking yourself this question, "Are you using resources in ways that make better lives for yourself and the people around you?"  You can start to live a little greener today by making some modifications to your daily life.

  Low Impact Lower Impact No Impact
Consumption Buy less; Recycle everything Buy only secondhand; Eliminate disposable products Buy only secondhand; Donate or sell back what you don't use
Trash Stop drinking bottled water; Avoid paper plates and paper towels Use your own reusable shopping bags, coffee mugs, etc.; Print less and use both sides; Compost Avoid products with packaging that can't be reused or returned to original vendor; Fina a more sustainable alternative to toilet paper
Transportation Carpool or use a more fuel-efficient car Take public transit or ride a bike Walk or ride a bike; Skip the elevator and take the stairs
Food Eat less beef Buy organic Eat only food that was raised or grown within 250 miles of your home
Energy Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs; Turn your A/C up a few degrees or your heat down a few degrees Stop using electric appliances you don't need; reduce use of those you do need; Buy energy from renewable source or support your utility's development of renewables Turn off your electricity; Use beeswax candles or go to bed earlier; Cook with a solar oven
Water Don't run the water when you brush your teeth; While warming up shower water, catch it in a bucket to water plants Flush only when necessary; Take quick showers; Turn off water when you don't need it Build a gray-water system and use water that would normally go down the drain to water a garden
Giving Back Donate to environmental groups Volunteer on a regular basis Work for a non-profit