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There are hundreds of simple things you can do each day to think green and beyond like turning off the lights when you’re not using them, turning off the water while you brush your teeth, or taking the bus instead of driving. Each person can do their part.

Rio Salado encourages everyone to visit the Valley Metro homepage and take advantage of the Bus Trip Planner. Just plug in the date, time and address you want to go to and it will provide you with an easy-to-use itinerary. Example: to get to Rio Salado College in Tempe, plug in your home address in the 'From' field and 2323 W 14th Street in the 'To' field.

Want to do even more? The following web sites have great ideas, facts and tips on how you can make a difference. Get involved!

Transportation Resources

Resources for Greener Living

Food Resources

Government Resources

Pollution Information

Social Media Sites

Note: All organizations affiliated with the Rio Salado above are not listed as an endorsement of their services and/or products. They are being provided as a resource for reference only.