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Sustainability Pledge

Rio Salado College is committed to the principles of sustainability.  The college has incorporated sustainability as a core value and has developed several programs and practices that embrace the socio-cultural, environmental and economic facets of sustainability.  We believe in meeting the needs of the present generation while taking care of the future.  As a student, faculty and staff member of the college today and while you embark on your future journey, we encourage you to consider sustainability as a core value of your personal lives and future endeavors.

The 20th century was an expansive era; an expansion that we believed had no boundaries. Jet planes, space travel, genetic engineering and even the internet were all products of this era. However, the early years of the 21st century have shown us that our small world does have limits. Energy blackouts, oil limits, increased water and air pollution, and ocean “dead zones” are but a few signs of change.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.


~ Native American Proverb

It is time to integrate strategies into our daily lives to decrease the negative impact on our environment as well as provide for the needs of future generations. We need to empower everyone to get on board!

You can in your own creative way, integrate the ideas of decreasing human impact and helping make a difference in everyone's future. Perhaps you already have great practices in place that you want to share with others. Or you want to help others generate ideas on what they can do.

You may want to start with this question: “What steps or practices can I put in place to decrease my personal impact on the Earth?”

We hope that you enjoy the creative process as you explore the important concept of sustainability.

To help your efforts, Rio Salado College recommends some fun and creative ways to facilitate sustainability conversations, ideas and -- ultimately stimulate action.