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Strategic Enrollment Management

At the heart of SEM, the college focuses on the full student life cycle from the first point of contact through the completion of our students' educational goals -- and every point in between. Our main objective is to improve the student experience and success of our students.

- Kevin Bilder, Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM)

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) represents the collaborative initiatives, communications, energies and efforts of the SEM committee, as well as many constituencies across departments, divisions and locations of the college. SEM at RSC aligns with the college’s strategic plan, to meet the needs of Rio Salado College’s local and national communities, to maintain educational quality, and to attain the college’s enrollment goals in a cost-effective manner. SEM is the college’s effort to provide quality offerings and services to meet the needs of the communities we serve taking into account fluctuating levels of resources, funding support, district initiatives and environmental and demographic changes.

The SEM Plan has goals, strategies, and tasks supporting the strategic plan of the college. Based upon an assessment of the existing college resources, national, local and student influences and the strategic goal of the college to continually review, measure, and improve processes, practices and services to increase student success, the following goals have been identified to support SEM at the college: 

7 SEM Plan Goals

Structural & Functional

Goal 1: Identify Best Practices for SEM.
Goal 2: Implement a SEM Governance Structure to Support and Improve Efforts.

Communication  & Technology

Goal 3: Increase College-wide Awareness and Involvement in SEM Principles.
Goal 4: Maximize and Leverage Technology to Support SEM.

Enrollment Growth & Retention

Goal 5: Identify Enrollment Growth Opportunities and Create Strategies to Maintain and Increase Enrollments.
Goal 6: Expand Awareness and Implementation of Innovative Teaching Models to Better Serve Our Students.
Goal 7: Strengthen the Awareness of Student Support Services and Create New Ways to Support Student Success.
The SEM Plan goals have strategies built on recruitment, marketing, retention, intervention, and information.

Executive Sponsors, Co-Chairs & Committee Members:

  • Dana Reid, Acting Vice President of Student Affairs & Advancement, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Kevin Bilder, Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs (co-chair)
  • Dr. Shannon McCarty, Dean, Instruction & Academic Affairs (co-chair)
  • SEM Committee Members: Dr. Diana Abel, Devi Bala, Rachelle Clarke, Lanna Dueck, Dr. Jennifer Gresko, David Hall, Matt Freed, Angela Kwan, Susan Lawrence, Lisa Mitchell, Dr. Felicia Rameriz-Perez, Jeanne Ratliff, Nanci Regehr, Julie Stiak, and Otis White