Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is driven by the college Vision, Mission, Purposes, Core Values, Core Practices and Service Standards.

Rio Salado College has a long history of innovation and improvement, and is a leader in higher education because of recognizing and implementing the principles of Total Quality Management, Customer Service and Customer Astonishment, the Learning Organization, and other practices that promote the sustainability of the college’s unique mission, vision, and culture. As such, Rio Salado's Strategic Plan is the result of more than three decades of disciplined effort.

Rio Salado College has now moved into the comprehensive implementation phase. While the strategic plan is central to the initiatives that will keep Rio Salado vibrant and effective, its four strategic goals align with the Maricopa Community College District Governing Board Goals & Measures and the Beyond Boundaries initiatives established by the MCCCD Chancellor, Dr. Rufus Glasper.

2020 Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Teaching and Learning

We focus on increased student learning through effective teaching, assessment, and customized learning environments.

Goal 2: Student Success

We review, measure, and improve processes, practices and services to increase student learning and success through effective teaching, assessment, and strong student support.

Goal 3: People Development and Communication

We support individual, team, and organizational learning through a system of people development and effective communication.

Goal 4: Blue Ocean and Innovation

We innovate to support and engage our current and future stakeholders to serve their educational needs.