Non-Instructional Student Solutions

The Vice President’s Emergency Response Team is available to assist students with challenges they may encounter during their career at Rio Salado College. The team provides the following information and resources.  

Information and Instructions



  • Student Declaration Form (PDF)
    HB2008 - Maricopa Community Colleges Student Declaration of Citizenship or Status
    Only those with a lawful presence in the US may qualify for Maricopa County Community College District scholarships or federal financial aid. Any information you provide about your legal status when you apply for financial aid or scholarships may be subject to mandatory reporting to federal immigration authorities under Arizona law, A.R.S. §§1-501,1-502.
  • Proposition 300
    Proposition 300, passed by Arizona voters in November 2006, stipulates that college students who are not legal United States citizens or are without lawful immigration status must pay out-of-state tuition, and that persons who are not United States citizens and who are without lawful immigration status are not eligible for financial assistance using state money.
  • Domicile Affidavit (PDF)
    A one-year residency requirement is enforced in order for a student to be classified as an in-state student for tuition purposes.


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Emergency Response Team


Ruby Miller
Associate Dean,
Student Affairs /
Conduct Administrator

Team Members

Nancy Arseneault
Cornet Bernez

Monday – Thursday
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