Applying for Graduation

Reserve your Spot for the 2014 HSE Graduation!

Contact your teacher and/or location by May 2014 to let them know you are participating in the HSE Graduation.

Event Date: May 13, 2014

How to Participate in the Graduation

We want to invite all our College Bridge Pathways/Adult Basic Education HSE graduates to the HSE Graduation. In order to participate, you must notify us of your success after you receive your HSE diploma in the mail. There are several options for you to express your intent to participate:

  1. You can return to your HSE class to share your important news with your teacher and classmates. Then your instructor will ask for your assistance in filling out the official HSE Graduation form.
    Note: If you have not been progress tested, your instructor will ask you to do a progress test so that we can document your success.
  2. Please call the ABE department at 480-517-8110 to report your success. You will be asked to go to your respective location. If you are unable to go to your location, we will ask you to provide us with additional information.

In either case, follow the guidelines in the letter and you will later receive a second, more detailed letter from us.

HSE Graduation