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How to Participate

Reserve your spot for the 2020 HSE Graduation!

Event Date: May 27th, 2020 at 7pm

How to Participate in the Graduation

We want to invite all Rio Salado's College Bridge Pathways HSE graduates to the HSE Graduation. In order to participate, you must notify us of your success after you receive your HSE diploma in the mail. There are several options for you to express your intent to participate:

  1. Fill in the application to participate in the graduation by selecting the link below. Please choose the appropriate link that shows where you attended HSE classes:
  2. You can return to your HSE class to share your important news with your teacher and classmates. Then your instructor or the location staff will assist you in filling out the official HSE Graduation form.
    Note: If you have not been progress tested, your instructor will ask you to do a progress test so that we can document your success.

  3. You can call your respective locations to fill out the form over the phone.
    • RSC Downtown: 480-377-4050
    • RSC Avondale: 480-377-4403
    • RSC Thomas: 480-377-4300
    • RSC Northern/RSC Orangewood: 480-377-4200
    • RSC Surprise – 480-377-4250
    • RSC Southern: 480-377-4150


Now that you have earned your high school equivalency diploma, Rio Salado can help you with the next step in your educational journey.

Attend HSE Graduation