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Gardening in Maricopa

Ears of Fresh Corn from the Garden

Click here to see what's in season (PDF)

Would you like to learn more about organic gardening?

  • Visit our class schedule to find out more about our Sustainable Food Systems' Gardening Practices and Techniques course (AGS 182)

Maricopa County Planting Calendar!

Composting Resources

Great Seed Sources

Great books for beginners to use

  • Desert Gardening For Beginners, How to Grow Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs in an Arid Climate

    Purchase this book for $9 at the University of Arizona, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension located on the south side of Broadway and 43rd street in Phoenix. You can also find copies to purchase on Saturdays at Singh Farms on Thomas and the Loop 101.

  • Extreme Gardening, How to Grow Organic In The Hostile Deserts

    This book is available in retail stores like Whole Foods, most book stores, as well as on line.

Note: All organizations listed above are not listed as an endorsement of their services and/or products. They are being provided as a resource for reference only.