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Tuition Calculator

Tuition Calculator

Tuition Cost Calculator

Students pay tuition and fees per semester credit hour according to their Residency Classification, you can find more information on Residency Classification from the MCCCD web site.

See the Tuition and Fees page for more details.


  Maricopa County -Resident & Reciprocal Counties
($85 per credit hour)
Out-of-County- Students who live in non reciprocal AZ Counties
($401 per credit hour)
Out-of-State -Offered to students who do not qualify for the Maricopa County Resident Rate taking in-person classes
($326 per credit hour.)
Out-of-state students participating in Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE)
($127.50 per credit hour)
Non-Resident/Online Distance Learning Classes – Offered to online students who reside in AZ and do not qualify for the Maricopa County Resident Rate.
($215 per credit hour).

Note: Out-of-State Online offered to students who reside outside of AZ and are taking online courses, please view this calculator.



Plus $15 registration fee per semester.


Tuition Calculator does not include applicable course fees, textbooks, or other expenses.
View complete tuition and fees schedule for 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2014-2015 school years.