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Book Advances


Book Advances allow students to use a portion of their anticipated financial aid to purchase textbooks and supplies from any business.

Each semester book advances are generated to eligible students to purchase text books and supplies for upcoming classes. Students must meet the following qualifications to receive a book advance per semester:

  • The student must have a projected financial aid award
  • The student must be “Opted In” on their student center
  • The student must have active enrollment
  • The financial aid award must be sufficient enough to cover their outstanding student account balance plus enough aid to receive a book advance based on enrollment levels
    • The book advance amount will be based on the financial aid award and the number of credits enrolled in at the time of the book advance disbursement. If any courses are dropped that result in less number of credits after the book advance disbursement this may result in student debt.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) must be reviewed and eligibility determined
    • SAP evaluations occur approximately seven days after the prior semester’s course, with the latest end date, is completed. This will vary depending on each students start and end date of all courses in that semester.
      • Students should take this into consideration during course selections for future terms

Students have the option to “Opt In/Opt Out of Book Advances by logging into their Student Services Center > Financial Aid > Opt In/Out Book Advance.

NOTE: Only Opt In students will be disbursed a Book Advance.

Deadline and Timelines

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he or she meets all financial aid terms and conditions to qualify to receive the Book Advance. If a student receives a book advance, and is subsequently determined to not have been eligible to receive it, then the student is responsible for returning those funds to Rio Salado College.

2017-2018 Book Advance Amounts

Semester Enrollment Level # of Credits Maximum Book Advance Amount for Semester
Full Time 12 or More Credits $695*
¾ Time 9 to 11 Credits $521*
½ Time 6 to 8 Credits $348*
Less than ½ Time Less than 6 Credits $174*

*To qualify for the maximum amount, students must have enough financial aid to cover their outstanding student account balance plus enough aid to also receive the maximum Book Advance amount.