Summer 2014 Financial Aid Instructions

Summer semester blocks begin on the student’s first scheduled class start date for the summer term. Program-Seeking students may choose from the following Summer 2014 semester blocks:

Summer 2014 Semester Blocks

Semester Block
Start Date
Semester Block
End Date
*Priority Filing Deadline **Book Advance Issued to Student Account Beginning
Mon. 5/5/2014 Sat. 8/23/2014 Fri. 4/11/2014 4/26/2014
Mon. 5/12/2014 Sat. 8/30/2014 Fri. 4/18/2014 5/3/2014
Mon. 5/19/2014 Sat. 9/6/14 Fri. 4/25/2014 5/10/2014
Tue. 5/27/2014 Sat. 9/13/2014 Fri. 5/2/2014 ***5/19/2014
Mon. 6/2/2014 Sat. 9/20/2014 Fri. 5/9/2014 ***5/27/2014
Mon. 6/9/2014 Sat. 9/27/2014 Thur. 5/15/14 ***6/2/2014
Mon. 6/16/2014 Sat. 10/4/2014 Thur. 5/22/14 ***6/9/2014
Mon. 6/23/2014 Sat. 10/11/2014 Thur. 5/29/14 ***6/16/2014

* for Receipt of FAFSA & all documents required by Rio Salado College

**Allow 4-6 business days from the date the book advance is posted to your student account at Rio Salado College for the advance to be received by Citi Prepaid Services. Students will receive an email notification when Citi has received and processed the book advance. If the book advance posts on a Friday, weekend or holiday, allow additional time.

***Dates adjusted based on the MCCCD District office closures during the summer.

Federal regulations require that:

  • Your summer classes must begin and end within your chosen Summer 2014 semester block.
  • Coursework for the 2014 fall term cannot begin until after the official end date of your chosen summer term (as listed above).
  • Students in a spring semester block that ends after 6/23/2014 will not be eligible for the 2013 summer term. The next available semester block will be Fall Block 1 which begins on 8/25/2014.

Steps for Summer Financial Aid

  1. Apply early! To make sure your aid is available in time to hold your spot in class, submit your 2013-2014 FAFSA and all required documents by the priority filing deadline for the summer semester block start date you have chosen. Be sure to monitor your student e-mail account and your Student Center in for status updates and resubmission requests.

  2. Register early! To make sure you have enough remaining aid available to cover the cost of your tuition, fees, and books, you must register for your summer term classes before the priority filing deadline for the summer semester block start date you choose.

    If you do not have enough aid to cover your balance, you’ll need to pay the remaining amount or enroll in the Rio Salado College tuition payment program, eCashier, to avoid being dropped from class.

  3. Follow all Terms and Conditions of any financial aid awarded.
  4. Rio Salado College welcomes new students who have just declared a degree, certificate or official transfer program! In addition to applying and registering early, please be sure to review your student e-mail account and your Student Center for additional information that may be required.

It can take up to 3 weeks to evaluate your request for financial aid. Missing the priority filing deadline or any subsequent processing dates, may cause you to be dropped from class. It could also delay your financial aid and book advance funds.

Students who miss priority filing deadlines are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Rio Salado College eCashier tuition payment program to avoid being dropped from class. Contact the Cashier's Office for additional payment options.

About Priority Filing deadlines

Meeting the priority filing deadline will ensure that your financial aid is available to hold your spot in class and that your book advance will be issued prior to the start of your first class.

Students who do not submit financial aid documentation by the priority filing deadline should make alternate payment arrangements to avoid being dropped from class.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your FAFSA and registered for your Summer term classes, the Financial Aid Office will automatically be notified. It is not necessary to contact the Financial Aid Office or submit any additional forms.

  • If there is a problem with any of your documents, the Financial Aid Office add items to your "To Do" list or send a message to your Student Center in
  • Important! Please monitor your student e-mail account and Student Center for updates and follow up requests.

Disbursement Timeframes

All financial aid will be disbursed in accordance with federal regulations and institutional requirements. Please review the Terms and Conditions of your financial aid and Rio Salado College’s Steps for Financial Aid for details.

  • It can take 4 -6 business days from the time your book advance or financial aid is posted to your student account to receive refunds through MSRP.
  • The summer term is considered its own independent enrollment period. All student loans are processed in two separate disbursements during the enrollment period. One disbursement usually arrives during the third week of the semester block. The other disbursement usually arrives a week after the midpoint of the semester block (around the end of the 9th week).

Student aid for the 2014 summer term is calculated using the 2013-2014 FAFSA. You must demonstrate eligibility to receive aid, and have available funds remaining for the 2013-2014 academic year in order to use Pell Grants and/or federal student loans to pay your Summer 2014 tuition.

Note: Financial aid awarded cannot exceed the institution’s published cost of attendance.

Steps for Financial Aid