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Step Seven

Maintaining Your Eligibility

  1. Maintain Academic Eligibility

    Once you have received your Federal Student Aid, you must maintain academic eligibility to continue receiving Federal Student Aid in the future. Withdrawing from one or more classes and/or not maintaining academic Satisfactory Academic may cause you to owe a debt to the college or be suspended from receiving additional Federal Student Aid. 

    Please familiarize yourself with this important information:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I withdraw from a class, will I still be charged for it?

    It depends. You can make changes or drop classes within the drop/add period; however, if you withdrawn from class after the drop/add period, then you will owe a balance to Rio Salado College. To learn see the Rio Salado College Withdrawal Policy.

  2. What happens if I withdraw from a class?

    It may affect your eligibility to receive financial aid. All students who wish to receive financial aid must earn grades that meet the standards of Rio Salado College's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy. Students are responsible for passing 2/3 of the credits attempted to remain in good academic standing. Please refer to the SAP FAQs.

  3. What happens if my appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress is denied?

    If your financial aid appeal is denied, or if you have decided not to appeal, eligibility can be regained once you complete the necessary credit hours and minimum GPA to meet the SAP standards. You should avoid withdrawing, failing, or getting incompletes in courses as much as possible to help you reach SAP standards. Ultimately, you should aim for a 100% passing rate each semester to help you reach SAP standards. If you had a Maximum Timeframe appeal denied or decided not to submit an MTF appeal, you cannot regain eligibility.

  4. What grades are considered not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress?

    Grades of F,I,N,W,X,Y,Z, and courses not yet graded are considered attempted but not meeting progress standards for the purposes of financial aid.

  5. What happens if I withdraw from an entire semester?

    Students must return funds if they receive financial aid and completely withdraw from all credits attempted before completing 60% of the entire enrollment period for a term. A term is considered one of the following: Fall Semester, Spring Semester or Summer Term. Please visit our Return of Funds Policy for more information.

Steps for Financial Aid