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Pop-up Blocker Information


Some of the Rio Salado course pages open in a new browser window. If you are able to log in to the course home page but are then unable to access the components of the class, such as email, assignments, or gradebook, you are probably experiencing pop-up blocking software.

What is a Pop-up?

A pop-up is a graphical interface, usually a small window, which suddenly opens (pops up) in the foreground of the current display area. Pop-ups can be triggered in several different ways. Although technically not pop-ups, links which open to a new web browser window are sometimes interpreted as pop-ups by pop-up blockers.

What is a Pop-up Blocker?

A pop-up blocker is a program which prevents pop-ups from displaying in a user's web browser. Pop-up blockers work in several different ways, but the main problem is that they do not always have the ability to distinguish between pop-ups and links which open a new window-instead, they are all blocked.

Pop-up Blocker Applications and Plug-Ins

Pop-up blockers may be individually installed software applications which will prevent all pop-ups on your computer. Web browser plug-ins, such as the MSN, Yahoo, and Google toolbars, also include pop-up blocker ability which will prevent pop-ups from occurring only within the web browser where the plug-in is enabled. Additionally, security, firewall and some anti-virus applications (such as the Norton Firewall, Anti-virus and Internet Security suite) also contain the ability to block pop-up windows within web browsers.


Depending on the pop-up blocker, you may be able to identify Rio Salado as an allowed site, or you may need to disable the pop-up blocker entirely while accessing Rio Salado pages.

If you are able to add a web site address to an "allow pop-ups" list, we suggest adding the following addresses:


Alternatively, if you do not wish to allow all pop ups for Rio Salado sites, follow this procedure to unblock a pop-up for immediate access:

Hold Down the CTRL Key While Clicking on the Pop-up Link

This will allow you to open the pop-up, and you will need to repeat this process for each pop-up.

Below are links to "help" files for the most commonly installed applications which have pop-up blocker capability:

If your pop-up blocker is not on this list, you will need to refer to the "help" file for your application, or disable it while navigating through the Rio Salado course web pages.