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Information Literacy Quiz

Information Literacy Quiz
No. of Questions= 14
1. The American Library Association defines Information Literacy as the ability to recognize when information is needed and:
a) to read and comprehend at the 8th grade level.
b) search the Web for appropriate sources.
c) have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use the information.
d) incorporate the information into a written research paper.
2. After an initial information check on a subject, it is important not to modify your original topic
a) true
b) false
3. A common mistake of a beginning researcher is:
  a) selecting a topic that is too broad or narrow
b) over reliance on the course syllabus
c) using electronic sources
d) selecting a controversial subject
4. A good starting point for an overview of your topic would be:
  a) encyclopedias and almanacs
b) the Web
c) books from the OPAC
d) the instructor
5. Reliable and consistent sources for the most current information can be found in:
a) the Web
b) Periodical databases
c) books from the OPAC
d) encyclopedias
6. Information found on the Web should not be used for a research paper, since there is no reliable way to evaluate and verify accuracy
a) true
b) false
7. "Keywords" are terms or words commonly used to describe a topic and are used to perform searches.
a) true
b) false
8. To narrow a search so fewer results are retrieved, use the Boolean operator:
b) OR
c) NOR
d) AND
9. To broaden a search so more results are returned, use the Boolean operator:
a) OR
b) AND
d) NOT
10. Due to strict government standards, all search engines search the Internet in the same fashion.
a) true
b) false
11. Information found on a website may be deemed reliable if:
a) The author has expert credentials.
b) The material was recently updated.
c) The site is hosted by a university
d) All of the above
12. if ~ (a tilde) appears in the Internet address, this indicates:
a) the site is a personal page
b) the site is sponsored by an educational institution
c) the page has been updated within the last six months
d) the site is a good source for accurate information
13. The rules for citing online resources are often updated and subject to change. For the most up-to-date information on the various citation styles (MLA, APA, etc.), visit:
a) the Web
b) the advising department
c) your course homepage
d) Rio Salado Library's "Citing Your Sources" page
14. Depending on the instructor's requirements, two commonly used citation formats for college research papers are:
a) MLA and APA
b) SAT and PSAT
c) NBA and NFL
d) FAQ and MAT

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