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  • Strengthening Your Paragraphs
    This presentation shows writers the specifics of the various methods of support within paragraphs.
  • Organization
    This resource is a tool to help writers work with the sequencing of sentences within their paragraphs.
  • Basic Paragraph Structure
    This resource includes a review of the basic structure of a paragraph and provides tips on how to create strong topic, supporting, and concluding sentences.
  • Paragraphs
    Hosted by the Dartmouth Writing Program, this resource focuses on developing clear and effective topic sentences so that your paragraphs will be well-organized instead of jumbled.
  • Paragraphs and Topic Sentences
    From Indiana University, this site offers instruction and useful examples about paragraph structure, topic sentences, coherence, and transitions.
  • The OWL at Purdue: Paragraphs and Paragraphing
    This site provides basic instructions for writing clear, concise and logical paragraphs. Simple definitions for paragraphing terms such as unity, coherence, signposts, and transitions are also included.
  • The OWL at Purdue: Paragraphing (Length Consistency)
    Consult this resource for helpful rules of thumb to consider when composing paragraphs. It also includes graphic illustrations of adequate and inadequate paragraph length.
  • Introduction: Organization
    The pattern in which we present our ideas is called organization. It is important to present ideas in a logical order. Consult this resource from Colorado State University to improve the organization of your writing.
  • Writing Strong Paragraphs (PowerPoint)
    This PowerPoint takes students through the basics of writing strong paragraphs and includes helpful guidance on how to stick to one theme per paragraph, how to write paragraphs in logical order, and how to connect sentences with transitional devices.