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General Education Mobile

Rio Salado College has joined the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) in its new initiative, General Education Mobile (GEM). GEM is a partnership between CCAF and civilian academic institutions to offer a cluster of freshman/sophomore-level courses through online delivery. Rio Salado College offers online courses in each of the five general education areas—Mathematics, Written Communication, Oral Communication, Social Sciences, and Humanities.

Rio Salado College Gem Plan

CCAF General Education Requirements Semester (Credit ) Hours Rio Salado College Course
Oral Communication 3 COM100
Introduction to Human Communication
3 COM225
Public Speaking
Written Communication* 3 ENG101
First Year Composition
3 ENG102
First Year Composition
3 MAT122
Intermediate Algebra
3 MAT142
College Mathematics
3 MAT172
Finite Mathematics
4 MAT151
College Algebra/Functions
3 MAT182
Plane Trigonometry
5 MAT187
4 MAT221
Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
3 MAT212
Brief Calculus
Social Science
3 ASB222
Buried Cities and Lost Tribes: Old World
3 GCU121
World Geography I: Eastern Hemisphere
3 ECN211
Macroeconomic Principles
3 HIS103
United States History to 1865
 3 HIS102
History of Western Civilization 1789 to Present
3 HIS104
United States History 1865to Present
3 POS110
American National Government
3 PSY101
Introduction to Psychology
3 SOC101
Introduction to Sociology
3 SOC212
Gender and Society
3 ARH100
Introduction to Art
3 ENH251
3 HUM205
Introduction to Cinema
3 HUM210
Contemporary Cinema
3 MHL145
American Jazz and Popular Music
3 MHL153
Rock Music and Culture
3 PHI101
Introduction to Philosophy
3 REL101
Introduction to Religion
3 REL100
World Religions
3 SPA101
Elementary Spanish I


  • Math and English classes require a placement test score on file prior to registration. You may submit your proctored-test request form online. For additional information regarding test proctoring please review the exam proctoring guidelines.

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