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Tips to Succeed

  • The Start at Rio Checklist can help you with the registration process. Click here if you are a Program Seeker. Click here if you are a Non Program Seeker.
  • Talking to an advisor is the absolute best way to determine which classes are appropriate for you. 
  • It's a good idea to login to your class on or before its start date.  Many classes have assignment deadlines in the first week of class.
  • Some classes may have in-person testing requirements.  If you do not live near a Rio Salado College testing location, you may need to use a proctor.
  • You can email your instructor directly from RioLearn.  If you have a question, ask.
  • Online courses will challenge you in the same way that traditional college-level courses would, do not be afraid to take advantage of the FREE 24/7 library, tutoring, and counseling services that are available to you.
  • Online courses at Rio Salado College are either 14 or 16 weeks long.  In some cases, students may choose an accelerated 8 week format.
  • If you are uncertain of your ability to successfully complete a course in 8 weeks, we encourage you to select the standard 14 or 16 week duration.
  • Develop a connection to the Rio Salado College community.  Network with other students in RioLounge, or keep current with college news and events on RioNews.  You can also find the Rio Salado community on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Note: You will be automatically registered for New Student Orientation (NSO10) when you enroll in your first class at Rio Salado College. This 2 hour orientation will walk you through everything you need to know to be successful at Rio Salado College.