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Internet/Equipment Information

What Hardware and Software Will I Need?

Recommended Requirements

IBM Compatible Apple/Mac
Operating System Windows 10 Mac OSX v10.15
Computer Processor 2.6 GHz CPU Processor Speed PowerPC G4 or Greater
Computer Memory 3 GB  RAM
Internet Connection High-Speed Internet Connection
Graphics 32bit color Monitor/Graphics Card
Screen Resolution 1024x768


Common needs for both platforms

  • PC Users: Latest version of Chrome, FireFox, or Microsoft Edge
  • Mac Users: Latest version of Chrome or FireFox 
  • A reliable Internet Service Provider
  • Anti-virus software that is consistently updated against the latest threats
  • Pop-up blockers either disabled during coursework or configured to allow pop-ups from and
  • Firewalls either disabled during coursework or configured to fully trust and
  • Latest Java Virtual Machine. Test your computer
  • Additionally, you will need to have access to our web-based email system to send and receive e-mail messages, to participate in group discussions, and to post or send assignments. Some corporate networks block web-based email for security reasons.


Once you have accessed your email account, it is very important that you send a message to your instructor letting him/her know that you are able to send and receive email.

How do I get access to online courses?

  • You will be responsible for obtaining your own Internet Service Provider.
  • The provider cost is an additional cost; it is not included in the cost of the class.

Do I need to be a proficient Internet user to take this course?

  • No, but you may experience the usual growing pains or "learning curve" that accompanies learning something new.
  • Be patient and don't be afraid to ask for assistance.
  • You should know basic word processing, how to send and receive mail, how to file and retrieve documents, and how to follow links on the WWW.
  • Additionally, when you access your class, you will have a course orientation manual available to you online.

How do I get assistance when I am having a problem?

Visit the Technology Support Helpdesk for information on technology support availability.