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Online classes give you the freedom to have a life. At Rio Salado College you don't have to sacrifice work, family and fun just to get an education. With start dates every monday, our online classes fit your schedule, wherever and whenever you want! So put away the excuses and log on today!

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Going to College Online… What’s it all about?

Since 1978, Rio Salado College has been a pioneer in online learning, making education accessible and affordable for everyone. So, what are you waiting for to start, or finally finish, your education? If you’re wondering if online learning is for you, here are some of the most commonly asked questions from prospective students.

Who takes online classes?

Any and everyone! In the United States alone, there are approximately three million students studying online. Rio Salado specializes in serving a diverse student body. Our students include adults returning to school for the first time in 20 years, students right out of high school, military members serving overseas, stay-at-home moms and dads, professionals working full time, individuals living far from any traditional campus, and many more. Whatever your situation, Rio Salado’s courses are adaptable to meet your needs.

Is online learning right for me?

With Rio Salado’s 24/7 help desk, our students are supported every step of the way. With RioLearn, an innovative online course management system, you will have an easy-to-use, organized way to manage your assignments and communicate with your professors. Students who are most successful in online course work are self-motivated, have clear goals, and have set aside appropriate time to complete their work.

What kinds of educational offerings are available online?

Rio Salado offers many associate degree programs as well as certifications, but it doesn’t stop there. Through innovative partnerships with other educational institutions, our students can earn certificates, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, or other professional credentials all through online learning. You can find programs and courses in most disciplines.

Is it cheaper to study online?

At Rio Salado College it is! At the community college rate of $76 per credit hour for Maricopa County residents, Rio Salado is on average 75% cheaper than most private online colleges. In addition to the time and money you save when you no longer have to commute to a campus, Rio Salado is also cutting the prices of textbooks. Through its Textbook Savings Program the college is able to offer customized textbooks that include only the material you need for your classes. Students save up to 50% on their books.

Can I afford to get a degree online?

Yes! Did you know that Rio Salado students are awarded more than $19 million in federal financial aid and $1.5 million in scholarships each year? The opportunities for financial aid apply to online students just as much as they do for on-campus students. Rio Salado has a financial aid office with readily available advisors and information about loans and scholarships.

What is accreditation all about?

Accreditation is a process used by higher education to evaluate colleges, universities, and educational programs for quality. Accreditation is conducted by private, not-for-profit organizations designed specifically to conduct external quality reviews.

Rio Salado is fully-accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. Attending an accredited school is an important consideration if you think you might want to transfer credits to another undergraduate program and when trying to gain admission to graduate programs. Colleges and universities typically accept credits from accredited schools.

Can I take online courses from multiple institutions simultaneously?

Yes. Rio Salado has been helping students customize their education for years. Our credits transfer to many colleges and universities*, allowing you to combine the classes you want to take online with classes at other institutions. Whether you are shut out of a class at your traditional campus, or just prefer the online format for certain subject matters, Rio Salado’s start dates every Monday make our courses flexible enough to fit into any schedule.

Where can I get help deciding about a career before I take online courses?

Rio Salado offers career services where students can receive guidance from a counselor in person, on the phone, with email, or even through online chat. Services, assessment testing and workshops are available online. Rio’s counselors are there to help you find your interests, assess your skills and discover the career that is best for you. You no longer have to go to work every day in a job that is unfulfilling. Let Rio’s counselors help you find your passion!