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Veteran or Dependent FAQ




What is my residency requirement?
You must complete 25% of the required credits toward your certificate or complete 12 semester hours for a degree at Rio Salado College.

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How do I register for classes?

  1. NEW students must complete a student information form. Select Admissions.
  2. Contact a military Advisor at 800-517-8590 or for assistance with course selection.
  3. Review the Course Schedule.
  4. Go to Admissions to register for your class. Select Login.

*See Registration & Records for additional information on login username and password or other registration instructions.

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What do I do if a prerequisite is required for my course?
You will need to provide a copy of your previous college transcript or grade report reflecting the course and final grade to show that you have completed the prerequisite. You may need to take an (...??)

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Where do I take my assessment tests for English, Math and Reading?
You will need to fill out the Proctor Verification form at Rio Salado Testing and submit it back to the Rio Salado College Testing Center. Then you can go to the Testing Office at your Education Center and take the exam.

If I have taken my assessment tests for English, Math and/or Reading, how do I find out which course I can take?
You can contact the eArmyU/Military Advisement Team at Rio Salado College by email at or by phone at 480-517-8590 or toll-free at 800-517-8590 to request course placement results.

How do I take my exams?
Be sure to submit a proctor request form during the first week of each class. You can submit the Proctor Request Form online at: Rio Salado Proctor Request.

The Rio Salado Testing Department is available to answer questions regarding:

  • Placement Testing
  • Midterm Exams
  • Final exams
  • Test Proctoring
  • Testing department at Rio Salado College
    Local Maricopa County Students: (480) 517-8560
    Toll-Free: 866-517-8560

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How do I request my previous college transcripts?
You can go to which is a free database of links to colleges/universities worldwide to request transcripts from prior educational institutions.

Where do I have my test scores and transcripts sent?
Note: Rio Salado College does not require you to send SAT/ACT test scores, or high school transcripts.

Mail transcripts to:
Rio Salado College
eArmyU/Military Advisement
2323 W. 14th St.
Tempe, AZ 85281-6950

Do my transcripts have to be official or can they be copies?
For the purpose of evaluation, all transcripts must be official. Official transcripts must be received sealed directly from the institution or your education office.

How do I get credit for my military experience?
All military training and MOS/Rate duties will appear on your AARTS, SMART, or CGI transcript. These areas have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE). An advisor at Rio Salado College will evaluate your military transcript, previous college courses, and CLEP/DANTES credits toward requirements of your degree or certificate goal. Keep in mind that not all training will be applicable toward your program of study; however, we will enter all military credits onto your Rio Salado College transcript.

What is an AARTS/SMART/CGI transcript?
AARTS stands for Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript. SMART is the Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript. CGI transcript is the Coast Guard Institute transcript. Each of these includes your Service School training and your MOS/Rate duties.

Where can I order my AARTS/SMART/CGI transcript?
Go to the branch appropriate link at Military transcripts.

How do I submit a transcript from an institution outside of the United States?
Most transcripts from Puerto Rican colleges can be evaluated by a Rio Salado College advisor. Transcripts from colleges in other countries will need to be sent first to an international credential evaluation service. There will be a fee for this service. Here is a list of the links to several of these agencies:

How do I know if Rio Salado has received my military and/or college transcripts?
When we receive your transcripts we will evaluate them and complete your SAF. As college transcripts arrive, we will update your SAF with any courses that apply toward your academic program.

How can I order a copy of my Rio Salado College transcript?
You can go to Rio Salado transcripts for instructions on how to order your transcript.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Rio Salado transcript?
Military Advisement Team
Local Maricopa county students: (480) 517-8590
Toll-Free: (800) 517-8590

Office hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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Student Agreement Forms

How do I get a Student Agreement Form (SAF)?
Upon receipt of your application, your official military transcript and all college/university transcripts, and completion of at least 3 credits of coursework Rio Salado will process your evaluation and Student Agreement Form (SAF). Copies of the SAF will be sent to the students' email address provided and to the students' education office.

What do I need to do with my SAF?
A copy of the SAF is sent to you as a courtesy so that you can use it as a guide when selecting courses toward your Academic Program. A copy will also be sent to your education office for military record keeping. For eArmyU students a copy will be sent to eArmyU to be posted on the eArmyU portal.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my SAF?
Military Advisement Team
Local Maricopa county students: (480) 517-8590
Toll-Free: (800) 517-8590

Office hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

How do I know what courses I have received credit for?
Your SAF will list credit received and remaining course requirements.

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When will I receive my textbooks?
You can place an order for your books at the Online Bookstore. Be sure to allow plenty of time to ensure book arrival prior to the start date of your course.

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Classes, Homework & Grades

When can I begin my class?
You will be able to access your Rio Salado College course 7 days prior to your start date.

How do I submit my homework assignments?
Please review your syllabus for each class, there will be information about homework submission. If you have a question regarding your homework, email your instructor for assistance.

What will happen if I get behind in my assignments?
Contact your instructor immediately! Most Rio Salado courses will require weekly homework assignments. If you do not turn in your assignments for several consecutive weeks, there is the possibility that the instructor will withdraw you for excessive absence. If you foresee that you may not be able to do your homework for a period of time, contact your instructor to discuss an extension on the class.

How and when will I receive my grade?
Your instructor will keep you up-to date on grades for your assignments. Final grades are usually posted to your transcript 2-4 weeks after the end date of the class. You are able to access your grades through your transcript online on the Rio Salado College Web site at Admissions and Records Services.

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