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Rio Salado has over 25 years experience delivering education to a variety of industries including airlines, banking and finance, government, insurance and more. Read what our partners say about us:

"US Airways employees in Phoenix have benefited for years from Dr. Linda Thor’s vision of affordable, widely available, college educations like those provided at Rio Salado College. Rio Salado College allows our employees to earn college credit for skills they are learning on the job as they pursue a wide variety of academic degrees."
Doug Parker
Chairman and CEO
US Airways
"It was natural to choose Rio as our partner in education – they’ve assisted in shaping our program to meet all of Maricopa’s goals."
Deb Stone
Staff Development Consultant
Maricopa County
"Creativity and flexibility are critical for businesses intending to remain competitive in a high employment market. USAA’s partnership with Rio Salado College addresses both by providing value for those considering employment at USAA. Our employees enjoy a great head start toward achieving their higher education goals by earning college credits on-site."
Bill Putnam
Senior Vice President
USAA Phoenix Operations
"I don’t think people grasp what they’re getting through the employee training program. Some people need a push in the right direction to start college."
John Williams
Direct Services Supervisor
Progressive Insurance
"Providing our industry-validated courses online through Rio Salado has enhanced our efforts to reach online learners looking for career opportunities in a dynamic, growing industry. Rio Salado’s learning program is very appealing because of its national reach; its commitment to utilize our industry experts in the program; and its efficiency in converting our course curricula into new online learning formats."
Maureen Lambe, CAE
Executive Vice-President
National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI)
“It is a win-win for both Cox and our employees. We are really proud of the partnership that we have with Rio, it has stood the test of time, and continues to be extremely beneficial.”
Nancy Murphy
Director of Talent Development & Acquisition
Cox Communications