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Adult Basic Education

Rio Salado College has been offering in-person adult basic education (ABE) classes since 1979 and is the largest ABE provider in Arizona. ABE classes help students who did not complete high school, as well as high school graduates who need to brush up on their basic academic skills and non-English speaking adult students.

ABE, HSE and ELAA in-person classes are self-paced.  Instructors work with students to identify their individual learning goals and to develop plans to reach those goals.  Online HSE preparation classes are a self-guided alternative and require a strong aptitude towards computers and web-based programs.

All students participating in the College Bridge Pathway options and classes must be 16 years of age or older, not currently enrolled in a K-12 educational program, and be able to verify legal residency or be otherwise lawfully present in the United States to take advantage of these opportunities. Some classes have online & hybrid options.  Availability of classes is dependent upon a variety of factors related to funding and space options throughout Maricopa County.

There is a registration fee for ABE, ASE, HSE, and ELAA classes.  Go to the Fee Guidelines.

These classes are offered by Rio Salado College is in partnership with the Arizona Department of Education, Adult Education Division.

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