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“Obtaining your diploma is more than a life milestone, and more than a piece of paper,” Ashman said. “Returning to school was a stepping stone on a path to becoming the person I always was, but needed to prove to myself to be.” - Heather Lyn Ashman

Each Spring Rio Salado hosts a High School Equivalency (HSE) graduation to celebrate the accomplishments of students that have passed the GED® Test and received their HSE diploma. When these students walk across the stage, they walk away with more than a diploma. They take with them a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and the successful completion of a life goal.

"Receiving an HSE diploma has a tremendous impact on the lives of our graduates, said Lily Beth Brazones, Adult Education Program Director for Rio Salado College. “The HSE diploma is a pathway to better college and career opportunities.”

The graduates come from a variety of circumstances. Many graduates work full-time and take care of families. They range in age from young to old. Each graduate has overcome challenges unique to them and each graduate has their own story of triumph to share.

Depending on their academic background, students in Rio Salado’s program pass the GED® Test in an average of 12-20 weeks.

"Helping our students is challenging and very rewarding at the same time. Students need to improve their skills in reading, writing, science, social studies, and math in a relatively short amount of time," said Brazones. "The challenge for the instructor is to accurately determine the students' skills through our assessments, and make sure that the study plan for each student is appropriate for what they need to pass the GED® Test. We also need to provide students wraparound services and other resources that Rio Salado College offers so that they can transition to college and career."

National Adult Education Honor Society

 The National Adult Education Honor Society is a recognition of Adult Education students who have shown exceptional commitment to their educational goals, persistence in class, strong work ethic and a willingness to help their fellow students. Students recognized for this honor are both students seeking their HSE diploma and students learning English as a second language.

“The mission of the National Adult Education Honor Society is to provide meaningful recognition to deserving adult education students, to improve student employment opportunities, to develop student ambassadors for local adult education programs and to create adult education awareness with school administrators and state legislators”

The National Adult Education Honor Society began in 1991, when an adult basic education teacher wanted to recognize the work of her deserving adult students in a meaningful way. Seventeen members were inducted into the Honor Society that inaugural year. To date, thousands have followed in their footsteps, demonstrating the three core principles of the National Adult Education Honor Society:
1.       Dependable Attendance
2.       A Cooperative Attitude
3.       A Strong Work Ethic

Each Spring, RSC’s Adult Education program recognizes outstanding students by inducting them into NAEHS. Induction into NAEHS is recognition of a student’s dedication, determination, and persistence towards their educational and career goals. Our inductees come from around the world and bring with them their languages, cultures, customs, beliefs, and perspectives. The blended communities in our program enrich the work that we do here at Rio, and the quality of our learning environment for all students. We take pride in the multi-cultural and age-diverse group of students in our classrooms, and we consider it a great strength to be distinguished by our differences. We have made it an art form to embrace difference and to unite in our goal to be empowered and reinvigorated through learning.

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