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High School Liaisons

Scheduling Placement Testing at your High School

To enroll in a Dual Enrollment class, students must meet admission requirements or have completed the prerequisites for the course.  High Schools have the option of sending their students to one of our 5 Rio Salado Testing Centers or administering placement tests at the high school.  Tests can be administered by a Rio Salado Employee or a high school staff member who has been approved to act as a proctor for the exams. These individuals must meet proctoring guidelines for approval. To schedule placement testing please complete the following steps at least two weeks prior to the testing date.  There are a limited number of testing spaces per day, so the sooner you sign up the more likely you are to get the dates and times you want.

1. Register for Placement Testing

2. Preparing your students to test

  • Check your schools' course list for qualifying placement scores and prerequisite information.
  • All testers ARE REQUIRED to present valid and current picture identification before testing.  Valid forms of picture identification: School ID Card, Driver’s License, State issued identification card, or Passport.
  • We also require that students have an 8 digit Maricopa Student ID number before they test. Click here for instructions on obtaining a Student ID number.  If you get an error message, call the Rio Salado Registration Help Desk at (480) 517-8540.  Tell them you need to be “Quick Admitted Only” and are experiencing problems obtaining your student numbers.
  • Sample questions for the ACCUPLACER may be found at

3. When testing is complete

  • Return your Sign-in sheets to email or fax (877) 377-4715.
  • Students will be permitted one re-test in English, reading or by math level after at least a 24-hour waiting period.  An additional re-test is permitted one year from the date of the student's original or re-test at any course placement testing site.  Course placement scores, with the exception of the reading exemption, will be valid for two years from the date of the original or re-test assessment.  

For more information, contact the Tempe Testing Center at Rio Salado, (480) 517-8560
or by email at