CTE Dual Enrollment Classes offered 2013-2014

Course # Course Title Program
McClintock High School
CFS101AH Art Activities for the Young Child Early Childhood 1-2
ECH176 Child Development
ECH270 Observing Young Children
ECH282 Discipline/Guidance of Child Groups
CFS101AJ Science Activities for the Young Child Early Childhood 3-4
CFS101AP Music Activities for the Young Chil
CFS123 Health and Nutrition in Early Childhood
CFS125 Safety in Early Childhood Settings
ECH271 Arranging the Environment
ECH280 Food Experiences with Young Children
EPS150 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship

Business Calculations

Financial Math
BPC128 Introduction to Desktop Publishing Desktop Publishing (fall)
MGT175 Business Organization & Management (fall) Business Management
MGT253 Owning and Operating a Small Business (spring)
CIS105 Survey of Computer Information Systems Computer Applications

Internet/Web Development: Level I

Internet and Web Design (spring)