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Paradise Valley Unified School District: CTE Dual Enrollment Classes

Earn college credit while attending high school - Yes, earn high school credit and college credit for the same class!

That's why Paradise Valley Unified School District and Rio Salado College have partnered to provide dual enrollment.

What is CTE?

Career and Technical Education is about doing, creating and innovating. CTE classes are hands-on and allow students to gain real world experience and foundational skills for a career in a field they love.

The CTE Dual Enrollment pathway includes traditional high school academic classes (math, English, science), plus career and technical courses that teach real workplace skills. Students earn high school and college credits simultaneously and can begin in 9th grade to earn credits and a certificate or associate degree at the same time they graduate from high school.

What can CTE Dual Enrollment do for you?

During High School
  • Earn college and high school credits at the same time.
  • Explore careers now and get a head start on your future.
  • Participate in interesting and challenging classes.
  • Save Time ā€“ Eliminate duplication of coursework during early college years.
  • Save Money ā€“ Rio Salado College costs less than state and private universities.
  • Transfer Credits ā€“ Credits transfer to most universities.

It's never too early to take the next step

CTE Dual Enrollment Pathway

Program of study begins in 9th grade.

There's no better time to explore career possibilities than before you even enter college. The CTE Dual Enrollment program for Paradise Valley Unified School District offers courses in many fields of study that allow students to discover and pursue their true passions. You'll build your skills and leave CTE classes with college credits and a clear vision of what your future could hold.

Meet Your Classmates

Join your classmates who are already taking advantage of this opportunity.

"The GenYes course offered through the Dual Enrollment program helped me learn technical skills and other important abilities that I will need for any job Iā€™d ever want to apply for. I recommend that all students take this class to learn the tech and soft skills that will help them succeed in college and in their careers."

Annie Eshelman, Paradise Valley High School

"My experience in GenYes for Dual Enrollment was fantastic. I now feel more prepared for the professional world and more informed about the topics I will surely need in the future. I also greatly enjoyed the classroom setting and the way that the entire class operated."

Audra Carlisle, Paradise Valley High School

Are you interested in a future that includes:

  • Running your own business?
  • Helping companies attract customers and sell products?
  • Managing people or working in teams?
  • Working within the justice system?

If you answered "yes," dual enrollment may be right for you!

No Time? Try Online

Can't fit the CTE Dual Enrollment program in your schedule but still want to get ahead? Take classes online as a Concurrent Enrollment Student.

Students can choose from more than 600 online classes at Rio Salado College. Upon approval from your high school, you can still earn high school and college credits simultaneously.

Don't wait to graduate. Earn college credits now.

Take The Next Step.

View the steps to Sign up and register now or call 480-517-8080!