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Virtual Town Hall Meeting

In an effort to provide learning environments that promote, foster, and activate your affective, motivational, and persistence attributes, EED212 and EED220 courses contain a learning experience to ensure your active participation in the process of learning.

During enrollment in one of these courses, you will be required to register and participate in one (1) Student Virtual Town Hall Meeting. Town hall meetings are worth 50 points.

This “meeting” will utilize your RioLearn course as well as a phone-based audio telephone “bridge.” In order to participate in a Student Virtual Town Hall Meeting you will need to have access both to a computer with Internet connectivity and a phone connection.  During this experience participants will review a PowerPoint presentation and discuss a topic in detail.

The town hall will be facilitated by your instructor, and your attendance, punctuality, participation, and engagement will be graded. Your instructor will post instructions about how to register for the Town Hall in his/her announcements.

Failure to register and participate will result in the loss of 50 points and cannot be made up after the end date of your course.

You must register for the Virtual Town Hall Meeting immediately after your course start date. Multiple dates and times are available for your course; however, seating for each town hall date is limited. To ensure that you can register for a town hall that is your first choice, you are encouraged to register immediately.

Please review the announcement regarding the Virtual Town Hall Meeting, found on your course homepage, for a listing of available meeting times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to prepare anything ahead of time?
    No. The PowerPoint will be emailed to you prior to the start of the meeting. No additional preparation is needed.
  2. Can the call be placed from any type of phone?
    Yes, any type of phone can be used.
  3. How long will the meeting last?
    The Town Hall Meeting lasts approximately one hour.

If you have additional questions send an email to