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Field Experience Requirements

Rio Salado's Educator Preparation Program actively seeks to combine course content with "real world" application through required school observations and interactions in Pre-K-12 classrooms. Therefore, most courses require a 3-30 hour field experience component; Students should view their desired program check sheet for verification regarding the required in-person or virtual field experience opportunities.

This requirement is described in the syllabus, third or last lesson depending on the course, and on Rio's Educator Preparation website. Contact Rio Salado's Outreach Specialist at 480-517-8140 to begin the field experience request process. Information is provided in the course materials regarding how to make an online Field Experience request.

Any student requesting a field experience must provide an area of town or identify 3 schools (find school or location). 

Fingerprint clearance and/or background check is required in order to go into the school district to complete an in-person field experience. Fingerprint clearance is required prior to formal admission to the Educator Preparation Program.  

Out of State students completing field experiences, internships, and/or student teaching will need to complete the Out-of-State verification form. This form and instructions can be found at: