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Mentor Teacher Payment

Each certified teacher that allows a Rio Salado student to complete observation, tutoring and teaching (when required) in their classroom, is eligible to receive a stipend directly from Rio Salado College. The stipend will be provided in one of two ways:

  • Monetary Payment - $25 for any field experience up to 10 hours and $35.00 for any field experience completed that is greater than 10 hours. Electronic Deposit is highly recommended as a part of this option.
  • Voucher option - 1 hour tuition voucher for any field experience that is 10 hours or greater. These vouchers can be used towards any coursework (see the remainder of this section on endorsements available through Rio Salado) taken at Rio Salado can be given to family members. Voucher Request should be submitted as soon as possible. The tuition voucher is effective for one year from the issue date.
  • Mentor teachers must chose one form of compensation for each field experience.

** Please Note: Compensation is not available if the student is only completing observation hours in the mentor teacher's classroom.

If you are a mentor who wishes to receive the stipend, then it is required to fill out the Supplier Registration Portal. Download instructions for the Supplier Registration Portal (PDF)
Once you have completed the portal registration, the payment process will begin. 

If you have any questions about the Supplier Registration Portal,
please contact our office at 480-517-8073.  

When the Student has completed their field experience and the Teacher Education department has received the required documentation, your stipend can be processed.

Return the form(s) to the following:

Rio Salado College
Attn: Teacher Education Department (Mentor Payment)
2323 West 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281-6950

Stipend Option

  • W-9 Information
  • W-8ECI (use only if out of the United States)
  • Electronic Deposit
    If you would like to have the stipend directly deposited into your account, please include form with the W-9. Please complete the form above as a "Supplier" and "NEW Request". If you previously have received a stipend form Rio Salado and would like to change your account information or enroll in Electronic Deposit, please complete the form above as a "Supplier" and "CHANGE of account Information".

Voucher Option

If choosing the voucher option please follow these directions:

Verify your personal information so the Teacher Education department can send you the Voucher(s). Please fill in the Voucher Request Form (PDF) and return it to:

Rio Salado College
Attn: Teacher Education Department (Mentor Payment)
2323 West 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281-6950 

Can you select multiple options?
You may choose only one option for each course that a student is completing. If the student is completing multiple hours in your classroom then you will want to verify with the student the total number of courses for which they are completing field experience hours.

Do I submit a new form for every student?
No, you only need to submit the form one time. If your address or name changes then you will be asked to complete another form.

What if the student is emergency certified, a Teacher-In-Residence, working on a long-term sub assignment, is already a certified teacher, or is completing observation hours only?
You are not eligible for a stipend or voucher if the student is currently working at your school or in your district on an emergency certificate, on a long-term sub assignment, as a certified teacher, or only completing observation hours. Please do not fill out one of the forms if you are not eligible. The student will only be completing observation hours in your classroom and will complete all other requirements with their own students.