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Complete the Educator Preparation Program Requirements

Once you have taken and passed all your Academic General Education core classes which leads to an Associate in Arts degree, there are program requirement that must be met prior to be admitted into the Education Preparation Program.


In-Person Requirements

Although Rio Salado College Educators Preparation program is online, there are in-person requirements that all students need to beware of.

Nothing prepares you better for a career in teaching than hands-on experience in a classroom. Student teachers will spend 12-weeks (or more) full-time in-person in a school setting. For additional information, read the FAQs.


Fingerprint Clearance

Fingerprint clearance is required for all students. You must have an IVP fingerprint clearance card in order to apply to the Educator Preparation Program. If you currently hold a card, please verify it states (IVP) on the front of the card, or you need to obtain a higher clearance. If you do not have an IVP fingerprint clearance card or if you are out-of-state; please click here for more information.

Important Program Requirements


Pathway Partnership with Northcentral University

Students earning a bachelor's degree through Rio's Undergraduate Bachelor's Pathway Partnership with Northcentral University must complete their General Education coursework prior to submitting a Educator Education Program Admission for acceptance into the EDU Educator Preparation Program.


Formal Admission into Level II

Read about Formal Admission into Level II of the Educator preparation program. Once you have completed all Level I Educator Preparation coursework, you must submit the Formal Application into Level II. In order to be eligible you must meet an 3.0 GPA in all EDU courses, and pass the NES State Subject Knowledge exam to be admitted. Please plan accordingly.


Transition to Northcentral University

Rio Salado College and Northcentral University faculty and staff are prepared to ensure a smooth transition and a successful educational experience for students.

  • Contact Rio at 480-517-8140 for NCU transition verification. Rio will send a Rio Recommendation (RR) to NCU.
  • Assure all previous official transcripts were submitted to Rio Salado. NCU will only require one official transcript from Rio Salado.
  • Formally apply to Northcentral University. Click on "Admissions" and then "Apply Now."
  • If you need more assistance contact Rio Salado’s EDU department at 480-517-8140 or 480-517-8693.
Getting Started