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FAQ: General Questions

Q. How long will the program take to complete?
Keeping in mind that completing a Bachelor’s degree usually takes 3-4 years, the amount of time required to complete the Rio Salado College and Northcentral University course work will vary with each individual student. Students will complete a minimum of 90 credits with Rio Salado College and an additional 30 credits with Northcentral University.  The time required depends on full or part time status and the number of credits transferred and accepted from other regionally accredited institutions.

Q: Which portion of the degree should I begin with?
Students must begin with the General Studies academic courses, including English composition.  Writing skills will be required throughout the program.  Students may take Teacher Preparation Level I courses concurrently with the General Studies courses.  Both the General Studies and the Level I courses must be completed in order to formally apply for admission to Level II of the program.

Q: What is EDU285AD in the Teacher Preparation Program and why must I begin with this course?
EDU285AA is the first course that all teacher education students must take that prepare students for the undergraduate education program. It provides students with the following:

  • Design a success plan
  • Become aware of and understand the philosophy of the Rio Salado program.
  • Take the Student Assessment of Academic Proficiency Test (Information provided in EDU285AA for the Accuplacer Exam).
  • Go through the fingerprinting and/or background verification process.
    • Students residing in Arizona must obtain an Identity Verified Prints (IVP) Fingerprint clearance card. Out-Of-State students must meet your own state’s fingerprint requirement and complete the Out-of-State verification form. If your state does not have a fingerprint requirement/background check requirement, you must obtain an Arizona IVP fingerprint clearance card.
  • Set up a RioCompass account.
  • Review and understand the Arizona Department of Education's Teacher Certification requirements.
  • Identify, develop and organize the information needed to meet the Teacher Preparation Program formal application requirements.

Q: What if I have already gone through the fingerprinting process?
If a student has already gone through the fingerprinting process he/she must provide proof of clearance. Fingerprint clearance must be valid/current throughout the duration of the entire teacher education program, including student teaching.

Q: What if I have already taken some education courses at another regionally accredited college or university?
Students with previously earned college credit can apply to the Rio Salado Teacher Education Transcript Evaluation Committee and request course evaluation for possible equivalency and/or substitution.

A student transferring credits into Rio Salado’s Teacher Preparation Program for English, Reading, or Math must still meet the ACCUPLACER score requirements.

Q: Does Arizona hold reciprocity agreements with other states?
Individuals interested in this information should check the Arizona Department of Education's website for this information. Note: out-of-state students are responsible for verifying that the state in which they intend to teach will accept the Arizona teaching certificate and/or Rio Salado's Teacher Certification Program toward an initial teaching certificate.

For more information, please visit our State Certification page