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FAQ: Already Teaching

  • Q: If I am already teaching, can I use my own classroom for the field experience?

    It is important for Rio Salado College to approve your classroom site for this requirement. If approved, you may use your classroom to fulfill 2/3 of the field experience hours required. However, observation of a certified teacher in his/her classroom is still required. Your classroom must meet the program and course requirements. In addition, all instruction must be in-person.

  • Q: I am currently teaching on an Alternative Teaching Certificate. Do I still need to do the field experience?

    All teacher candidates need to complete all field experience components. Teacher candidates on an Alternative Teaching Certificate can mentor students and teach some lessons in their own classroom. However, they must do the observation portion of the field experience in another certified teacher's classroom.

  • Q: If I am already teaching, can I use my own classroom for student teaching?

    Some of Rio’s teacher candidates are already teaching in a private, public charter school, or public LEA. In these situations, it may be possible to student teach in the candidate’s own classroom without the benefit and support of a Supervising Practitioner. (This option is not retroactive—you must be enrolled in the student teaching lab and assigned a college supervisor for the 12-week placement to be valid.)

    This arrangement must be set up in advance, must be approved by the school administration, and must be monitored weekly by a Rio Salado Program Supervisor. The Principal or designee at the school will also be asked to submit a Weekly Progress Report. There is no reduction in cost to the teacher candidate. As with all student teaching placements, you must be teaching in a classroom that matches your certification level and content area. Individuals student teaching utilizing their own classroom will pay a higher course fee of $600.00, as a Program Supervisor will need to complete additional visits due to not having a Supervising Practitioner.