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FAQ: Assessments

  • Q: What is the Student Assessment of Academic Proficiency Test (ACCUPLACER)?

    This test is administered during the EDU 285AA course. It evaluates students in the areas of English, Reading, Math, and Writing. Based on the results of the test, each student will design a success plan to support and enhance success throughout the program. For review and tutoring: Click here (

  • Q: If I have a Bachelor's or Master's Degree, why do I have to take the Student Assessment of Academic Proficiency Test (ACCUPLACER)?

    The Student Assessment of Academic Proficiency Test (ACCUPLACER) is the minimum requirement for formal admission. Although you may have a Bachelor's or Master's degree, the test is intended to determine if you need additional support in the areas of English, Reading, Math and Writing.

  • Q: What if I do poorly on the Student Assessment of Academic Proficiency Test (ACCUPLACER)?

    Students with low scores need to meet with a member of student services or counseling to establish a success plan that will help enhance their knowledge in the area(s) identified through testing. Included in the plan will be tutorials/tests/courses for the students to complete. Once the plan has been finished, the student can retake the test to improve the original score(s). The Student Assessment of Academic Proficiency Test (ACCUPLACER) is intended to determine if you need additional support with basic skills. Meeting the specified test score range is a requirement and must be accomplished prior to submitting a formal application to the program. No one can obtain admission to the program who does not meet this required testing policy.

  • Q: Can I utilize my past ACCUPLACER Exam score?

    ACCUPLACER scores may not be any older than 5 years from the initial date of testing.

  • Q: How do I take the Arizona Educator Exams (AEPA and NES) with the Arizona Department of Education?

    Tests are by appointment, year round. Students must register online at to take the test beforehand. The student will be charged a fee to take the test. If a person fails the certification test s/he can re-take the test until he/she passes; there is no limit to how many times a person can take the test. The same is true for content area tests. All applicants must take and pass the AEPA/NES subject knowledge content test(s) prior to student teaching. Students are also required to pass the Professional Knowledge Exam upon completion of the methods courses or student teaching. The ADE will not issue a teaching credential to anyone who has not successfully passed these tests. For more information view:

    The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) now accepts passing scores for comparable Professional and Subject Knowledge exams from out-of-state agencies taken no more than ten years ago. To verify if ADE will accept a passing score on an out-of-state exam, students must contact ADE Certification Unit at (602) 542-5393 or call (800) 352-4558.

  • Q: Where is the Arizona Educator Exam (AEPA/NES) given?

    For testing information review go to:

    More information about Educators Testing

    More information about National Evaluation Systems

  • Q: Why do I need to take EDU220 Intro to serving English Language Learners (ELL) and EDU251 Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language when I do not teach ESL students and our district does not require me to be endorsed?

    Once an individual has successfully completed EDU220 or EDU251 or EDU/EPD233 or EDU/EPD244 they have what is necessary to obtain a provisional SEI/ESL endorsement. It is mandated by the Arizona Department of Education that all students have at least a provisional Endorsement for certification.