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FAQ: Assessments

  • Q: What teacher certification exams are required by Rio Salado College and the Arizona Department of Education?

    All Rio Salado Traditional Post-Baccalaureate and Undergraduate Degree Pathway teacher candidates must take and pass the AEPA/NES subject knowledge exam prior to submitting the Level II/Student Teaching Application. Special Education: Mild to Moderate Program no longer requires a passing subject knowledge score.
    Teacher candidates are also required to meet the Professional Knowledge requirement before applying for teacher certification with the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). The ADE will not issue a teaching credential to anyone who has not successfully met the Subject or Professional Knowledge requirements. For more information view: and the Arizona Department of Education requirements for certification.
    Exams are by appointment, year round. Students must register online at The student will be charged a fee to take the exam. If a person fails the certification exam s/he can re-take the test until he/she passes; there is no limit to how many times a person can take the test. The same is true for subject knowledge area exams. Official exam scores take 2-weeks to a month to receive, plan accordingly.

  • Q: Where is the Arizona Educator Exam (AEPA/NES) administered?

    For testing sites go to: Rio Salado College is a testing site location.
    More information about Educators Testing
    More information about National Evaluation Series

  • Q: Does Rio Salado College accept out of state exams?

    Rio Salado College’s Educator Preparation Program DOES NOT accept out of state exam scores. Rio Salado College will only accept the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment or National Evaluation Series exam scores.

  • Q: Do Rio Salado College courses have mid-terms and finals?

    Many of Rio Salado College’s teacher education courses have mid-terms and finals. Exams can be taken at a Rio Salado College testing site and some are at home exams.