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Obtaining an IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card:

Applicants interested in taking any Education course with a required Field Experience or who are seeking admissions into one of the approved Educator Preparation Programs are required to submit verification of fingerprint clearance as part of the formal application to the Educator Preparation Program. If you currently possess a fingerprint card, please verify that (IVP) is displayed on the front of the card. If the IVP is not displayed then you must follow the direction below to obtain the appropriate clearance.

Rio Salado College will not request field experience placement for courses without verification of a valid Identity Verified Prints (IVP) fingerprint clearance card on file. Progress in the program will be delayed or students will be removed from the coursework if the student fails to provide the appropriate fingerprint clearance information.

Arizona Resident

Arizona residents are required to submit an IVP Fingerprint card to Rio Salado College. Currently, there are multiple options available for obtaining the necessary clearance:

STANDARD PAPER-BASED OPTION: (8-12 week approval)

This card is obtained through the Department of Public Safety, by selecting category Teacher/ Other.

To obtain an application for the IVP Fingerprint Clearance Contact:
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Applicant Clearance Card Team
2320 N. 20th Avenue / Phoenix, AZ 85005-8390
Phone: 602-223-2279

ONLINE REQUEST PROCESS: (Approximately two – four week processing)*

  1. Schedule an appointment by registering with Fieldprint
  2. Once an account has been established:
    1. Complete the application
      1. Select “Identity Verified Prints (IVP) Paid Employee” as the reason why you want to be fingerprinted.
    2. Schedule an appointment with one of the vendors to have your fingerprints scanned.

*There is an additional convenience fee for utilizing the online option for fingerprints.

Questions about Field print IVP Fingerprint Process? Call Field print - (877) 614-4364

If the name on your (IVP) card appears differently than the name used for registration for Rio Salado College courses, applicants must include appropriate documentation showing this name change (i.e. Marriage Certificate).

Submitting the IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card to Rio Salado College

Upon receipt of the card, submit one enlarged copy of the front and back of your IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card with the program application or Request to Enroll Form. Be sure to include your full student ID number on the copy. The clearance must be valid for the duration of your program.

Out of State Resident:

Out of state residents must submit the fingerprint/background check verification form. The form can be located at Out-of-State Verification Form (PDF). The clearance must be valid for the duration of your program.

Once you download the form:

  1. Take the form to your residing State Department of Education (DOE) and have a (DOE) official fill out the form. If the (DOE) cannot complete the form, take the form to the school district you wish to complete your field experience with. Please note this is a legal document and should ONLY be filled out by a (DOE official, School District official, or Private/Charter school director/administrator). Any misleading information on this form will result in your removal from Rio Salado College’s Educator Preparation Program.
  2. If you were not cleared at a state level (boxes 1 & 1a) and wish to switch districts or states for placement you will need to fill out a new form.

If the name on your form appears differently than what you have registered for courses through Rio Salado College, you will need to include appropriate documentation showing this name change (i.e. Marriage certificate)

Submitting the Out-of-State Verification Form to Rio Salado College

Submit the completed form and a clear, enlarged color copy of the front and back of his /her driver's license with the program application or Request to Enroll Form. We will not accept a placement request without receiving this form prior to your field experience request, no exceptions.

Additional Information

All in-state and out-of-state individuals must provide a valid (IVP) fingerprint clearance card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety when applying for an Arizona teaching certificate.

NOTE: If you plan on obtaining an Arizona teaching certificate after completing Rio Salado College’s program to transfer through reciprocity to another state, the Arizona Department of Education requires an Arizona IVP Fingerprint Clearance card in addition to the state fingerprinting/background requirements where certification will be sought