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Teacher Education Program Application

Rio Salado College's Education Department will require all NEW students to complete an Educator Preparation Program Application to enter the Educator Preparation Program 
prior to enrolling in the program. In order for new students to begin taking EDU courses, they must turn in their Educator Preparation Program Application two weeks prior to their start date. Rio recommends the pre-determined scheduling option. Applications are being accepted now.

NEW students earning a bachelor's degree through Rio's Undergraduate Bachelor's Pathway Partnership with Northcentral University must complete their general education coursework prior to formally applying by submitting an Educator Preparation Program Admission for acceptance into the EDU Educator Preparation Program.

EDU Program Application requirements include:

  • Official Transcript - required as a part of EDU Educator Preparation Program Application
  • IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card - required even if student has submitted information for prior field experience
  • Passing scores on five sections of the ACCUPLACER OR  take the Alternative Assessment   (Get Started Step 6) Exam (Early Childhood is exempt from Elementary Algebra)
  • Two letters of recommendation - personal or professional
  • Review Code of Ethics: Students must exhibit professional behavior before admission and throughout the program with Rio Salado staff as well as in field experiences in order to successfully enter or complete the Educator Preparation Program.
  • Haberman Star Teacher Pre-screener:  The Star Teacher Pre-screener is an aptitude test which assists Rio Salado College to identify and develop a professional plan to ensure that each candidate reaches their fullest potential before entering the classroom.  Applicants will need their student ID number in order to take the Star Educator Pre-Screener.
  • Educator Preparation Program Admission Application packet including a description of any teaching/volunteer/leadership experiences with Pre-K-12 students. **The new application does not include the student teaching request form.

Because of this change, students should begin the application process at least 8 weeks in advance to ensure IVP fingerprint card is received in time.

NOTE: ALL continuing students in the Educator Preparation Program will submit the new Application and may be required to submit the original "Formal Application to enter Level II",  after completion of Level I Foundation courses. All EDU course work must meet the 3.0 GPA admission requirement. This process includes the student teaching request form.

Response to Intervention:

Response to Intervention begins at the initial application to the Educator Preparation Program.  It is a process of determining appropriate support to effectively assist students through the completion of their educator preparation program or help identify alternative career paths, outside education, more suited for student need. Students will be identified and notified if the Response to Intervention Process is needed. During the formal application process if it is determined a student requires a tier of intervention or support is needed, student will be notified and the Response to Intervention process begins. A student can be identified at any time in their program of choice for Response to Intervention support.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

Download Educator Preparation Program Admission Application Packet

By downloading application I agree to the Code of Ethics & Response to Intervention.

Code of Ethics: Students must exhibit professional behavior before admission and throughout the program with Rio Salado staff as well as in field experiences in order to successfully enter or complete the educator preparation program.

Response to Intervention: Students acknowledge awareness of the Response to Intervention process. Students can be identified and notified for the possibility of a tier of intervention at any time in their program of choice in the Educator Preparation Program.

 Teacher Educator Program Application