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Learn About Block Calendar & Review Registration


All Educator Preparation students must call Admissions and Records to register for any EDU class in the Educator program. Courses are blocked by prerequisites and permission is given by Program Admission through Program Application.

Block Calendar

If you plan to earn a degree or certificate at Rio Salado College, you must register for classes and choose a start date that will determine your Block Calendar. This video explains how the Block Calendar works.

Block Calendar Auto Drop

Our system will auto-drop any class that is set to start or end outside of your assigned block.

How to register for classes

1. Go to your Student Center and log in with your MEID and password.

2. Click “Add a Class.”

3. On the Add Classes page, click “Search.”

4. Enter the subject prefix (e.g., ACC, BIO, ENG) in the Course Subject field.

5. Choose your desired section from the search results. Your class must start in the date range listed under Meeting Dates. Click “Select Class” for more details.

6. Select your desired start date from the pop-up calendar. The class will now be in your Shopping Cart. To add more classes, repeat Steps 3-6 above.

7. When you are done, click “Finish.”

Registration Confirmation Email

Watch for your official Registration Confirmation email in your MCCCD student and/or personal email accounts.

Prerequisite Verification Request

If your class has a prerequisite from outside the Maricopa Community Colleges, please submit either official or unofficial transcripts along with the Prerequisite Verification Request Form.

Getting Started