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Arizona’s Model for Systemic Family Engagement in Education (AMSFEE)

Rio Salado’s Planning Grant Project entitled, Arizona’s Model for Systemic Family Engagement in Education (AMSFEE) was created in response to an identified need for key education advocates to identify and refine existing practices, and to organize a statewide systemic model for Family Engagement in Education.

This yearlong planning project, funded by the Helios Education Foundation, will involve a multitude of Arizona’s major stakeholders to ensure project support and sustainability throughout the state.

Counseling Session

The goals of the project include:

  • Establish baseline parent engagement and student performance to evaluate the success of the current parent and community liaison approach;
  • Collect data from liaisons from partnering school districts to evaluate the efficacy of the current programs;
  • Identify best practices of instruction to enhance the pre-service training and professional development needs of teachers, administrators, and liaisons; and
  • Advocate and facilitate efforts moving towards a legislative adoption of a statewide systemic family engagement model in education.

This new model will promote innovative methods for parents and teachers to communicate each child’s needs using individualized assessment data and academic activities for use at home to support student achievement and to provide resources that can be used beyond the traditional classroom walls.

The intent of this new model is to meet the needs of our community through enhanced collaborations between families and parent liaisons, district personnel, school personnel university/college level personnel that will result in an increase in student achievement through meaningful parent engagement experiences.

Contact the Program Coordinator

For more information, contact Renee Mesnik, Arizona’s Model for Systemic Family Engagement in Education Program Coordinator at 480.517.8117 or