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Brown Bag Innovations

This workshop provides high school math and science teachers with a multitude of hands-on, problem solving activities that develop creative and critical thinking in students. These team building activities are also designed to develop other skills such as team work, self-confidence and communication skills in the students.

At the same time, the brown bag activity promotes language development in ELL’s, helps Special Education students express their ideas and helps other students develop their leadership while collaborating with other students.

The brown bag concept is designed to be completed within a class period keeping student engagement at an all-time high. Teachers will come away with ideas for their own little bag-of-tricks to be used in the class room to support curriculum and stir student interest.

At the beginning of the semester, after unit tests, when considering new seating within the classroom or even those crazy days right before a holiday break, the teacher will have some new innovative brown bags to keep students science and math interest high while having fun!

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