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English as a Second Language

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ESL Endorsement courses are designed for currently certified elementary, secondary, special education career and technical education, supervisors, principal or superintendent certificate. Teachers can add the ESL Endorsement to their current teaching certificate by taking Rio Salado College's courses.

Arizona Department of Education Shared Requirements

An ESL or bilingual endorsement is required of an individual who is an ESL classroom teacher, ESL Specialist, ESL resource teacher, or otherwise responsible for providing ESL instruction. Classroom teachers, supervisors, principals, and superintendents holding a full english as a second language (ESL) endorsement or a full bilingual endorsement are not required to obtain the provisional or full structured english immersion (sei) endorsement.

Each Endorsement shares the following requirements:

  1. Completed Application for Endorsement (submit upon completion of required coursework)
  2. Appropriate Fee (see application for endorsement)
  3. One of the following:
    1. A photocopy of your valid IVP fingerprint card (plastic) issued on or after January 1, 2008
    2. A photocopy of your valid Arizona fingerprint clearance card (plastic) issued prior to January 1, 2008
  4. A valid Arizona Elementary, Secondary or Special Education, Career and Technical Education, Supervisor, Principal or Superintendent certificate.

Provisional English as a Second Language Endorsement

The provisional endorsement is valid for three years. In addition to the shared requirements above, the Provisional English as a Second Language Endorsement requires:

  1. Three (3) semester hours of ESL methods.
  2. Three (3) semester hours of ESL courses toward the full endorsement. (Second language learning experience  courses are not applicable.)

Full English as a Second Language Endorsement

The Endorsement shall be automatically renewed with the certificate on which it is posted. In addition to the shared requirements above, the Full English as a Second Language Endorsement requires:

  • Option A, B, or C:
    1. Completion of an ESL education program from an accredited institution.
    2. The following courses:
      1. 3 semester hours of courses in foundations of instruction for non-English-language-background students. 3 semester hours of courses in the nature and grammar of the English language, taken before January 1, 1999, may be substituted for this requirement
      2. 3 semester hours of ESL methods
      3. 3 semester hours of teaching of reading and writing to limited-English-proficient students
      4. 3 semester hours of assessment of limited-English-proficient students
      5. 3 semester hours of linguistics
      6. 3 semester hours of courses dealing with school, community, and family culture and parental involvement in programs of instruction for non-English-language-background students
    3. A valid ESL certificate or endorsement from another state
  • Choosing Option A and B has additional requirements:
    1. 3 semester hours of a practicum or two years of verified full-time ESL or bilingual teaching experience. (Submit a letter on official letterhead from District Superintendent or Personnel Director to verify teaching experience.)
    2. Second language learning experience, which may include sign language, documented by any of the following:
      • 6 semester hours of courses in a single second language, or the equivalent, verified by the department of language, education, or English at an accredited institution
      • Completion of intensive language training by the Peace Corps, the Foreign Service Institute, or the Defense Language Institute
      • Placement by the language department of an accredited institution in a third semester level
      • Placement at level 1-intermediate/low or more advanced score on the Oral Proficiency Interview, verified by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages
      • Passing score on the Arizona Classroom Spanish Proficiency Examination approved by the Board OR Proficiency in an American Indian language, verified by an official designated by the appropriate tribe

    Get Started

    Rio Salado College welcomes you to a dynamic learning opportunity where you will receive hands-on experience in the classroom. Rio's Endorsement courses are designed "for teachers, by teachers."

    • Must call Rio Salado College to register for Endorsement courses at 480-517-8580.
    • Must provide proof of a bachelor's degree or teaching certificate before registering.
    • Read about the In-person Field Experience Requirements of this program.
    • Read about ESL Endorsement at the Arizona Department of Education.


    Course Course Title Credits
    EPD220* Introduction to Serving English Language Learners for Certified Teachers (Formerly EDU225 or EDU220) 3
    EDU230 Cultural Diversity in Education 3
    ENG213* Introduction to the Study of Language 3
    EPD233* Structured English Immersion and English as a Second Language Teaching Method for Certified Teachers** 3
    EPD244* Reading and Writing in SEI/ESL/Bilingual Settings 3
    EPD246* Teaching and Assessment of English Language Learners (ELL) 3
    EPD247* Practicum for English as a Second Language (ESL)/Bilingual Teachers*** 3
    * Indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites
    ** Note: Students who have taken EDU240 or EDU251 Methods for Teaching SEI/ESL in the Post-Bacc Program or EDU228 SEI/ESL Teaching Methods have met this ESL requirement. EDU240/228 fulfills the ESL requirement, but not an SEI requirement. EDU220/EPD220, EDU233/251 or EPD233 will meet both an ESL and a SEI requirement.
    *** Course is not required if teacher submits 2 years of verified ESL or bilingual teaching experience (verified by district superintendent) to the AZ Department of Education.

    Rio Salado College offers the following courses to meet the methods requirements listed above.

    Course Course Title Credits
    ARB101 Elementary Arabic I 4
    ARB102* Elementary Arabic II 4
    ARB201* Intermediate Arabic I 4
    ARB202* Intermediate Arabic II 4
    CHI101 Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) I CHI1101 5
    CHI102* Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) II CHI1102 5
    CHI201* Intermediate Chinese I CHI2201 5
    CHI202* Intermediate Chinese II CHI2202 5
    FRE101 Elementary French I FRE1101 4
    FRE102* Elementary French II FRE1102 4
    FRE201* Intermediate French I FRE2201 4
    FRE202* Intermediate French II FRE2202 4
    GER101 Elementary German I GER1101 4
    GER102* Elementary German II GER1102 4
    GER201* Intermediate German I GER2201 4
    GER202* Intermediate German II GER2202 4
    JPN101 Elementary Japanese I JPN1101 5
    JPN102* Elementary Japanese II JPN1102 5
    SPA101 Elementary Spanish I SPA1101 4
    SPA102* Elementary Spanish II SPA1102 4
    SPA119 Spanish for Educational Settings I 3
    SPA120* Spanish for Educational Settings II 3
    SPA201 Intermediate Spanish I SPA2201 4
    SPA202* Intermediate Spanish II SPA2202 4
    SPA115 Beginning Spanish Conversation I 3
    SPA116* Beginning Spanish Conversation II 3
    SPA225* Intermediate Spanish Conversation I 3
    SPA226* Intermediate Spanish Conversation II 3
    * Indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites