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Human Development

Earn Your Family Life Education Degree

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Family Life Education is designed to prepare individuals to enter the family life education, human development, or child and family organizations field at the paraprofessional level. Students at a paraprofessional level may seek employment opportunities in adoption and foster care, adult day care centers, crisis intervention programs, group and halfway houses, hospice care, senior citizen centers, social service agencies (both private and State/local government), facilities for the disabled and developmentally challenged individuals, community mental health clinics, psychiatric facilities, shelters and other child and family, community-based organizations.

CIPS Code: 19.0707

Associate in Applied Science in Family Life Education

Required Courses 40
Course # Course Title Credits
Computer Usage and Applications (3) OR
Survey of Computer Information Systems (3) Shared Unique Number NumberCIS1120
CFS205 Human Development 3
CFS210 Family Life Education 3
CFS250 Social Policy and Families 3
CFS258 * Families in Society 3
CFS259 * Sexuality over the Life Span 3
CFS240 Human Behavior in Context 3
FCS250 * Portfolio Development and Professional Writing 3
Students must complete FCS260 Family and Consumer Science Internship in a setting or with an organization aligned with selected Block, approved by the Program Director or designated faculty member.
FCS260 * Family and Consumer Science Internship 1
FON100 Introductory Nutrition 3
Note: Students must complete one of the following Blocks:
Block One - Parent Education Credits: 12
Course # Course Title Credits
CFS190 Home-Based Visitation 3
CFS220 Introduction to Parenting and Family Development 3
CFS225 Foundations of Parent Education 3
CFS243 Cross-Cultural Parenting 3
Block Two - Adolescent Development: Credits: 12
Course # Course Title Credits
CFS183 Contemporary Issues in Adolescence 3
CFS249 Transition to Adulthood 3
CFS277 Adult-Adolescent Interaction 3
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology Shared Unique Number NumberPSY1101 3
Block Three - Adult Development and Aging: Credits: 12
Course # Course Title Credits
CFS247 Family Ties and Aging 3
CFS249 Transition to Adulthood 3
CFS251 Transitions: Work to Retirement 3
CFS252 Contemporary Issues in Aging 3
Block Four - Child and Family Organizations Management and Administration: Credits: 12
Course # Course Title Credits
CFS206 Child and Family Organizations: Management and Administration 3
CFS207 Organization and Community Leadership in Child and Family Organizations 3
CFS208 Child and Family Organizations: Fiscal Management and Grant Writing 3
CFS209 Child and Family Organizations: Project Management 3

General Education Requirements 22-27
General Education Core 12-17
Course # Course Title Credits
First-Year Composition
First-Year Composition (3) Shared Unique Number NumberENG1101 AND
First-Year Composition (3) Shared Unique Number NumberENG1102
First-Year Composition for ESL (3) AND
First-Year Composition for ESL (3) 
Oral Communication
COM110 Interpersonal Communication Shared Unique Number NumberCOM1100 3
Critical Reading
CRE101 * College Critical Reading and Critical ThinkingOR
Equivalent as indicated by assessment
MAT112 *

Mathematical Concepts and Applications (3) OR
Satisfactory completion of a higher level mathematics course.
MAT142 recommended for students considering transfer to a university

General Education Distribution 10
Humanities, Arts and Design
Any approved general education course in the Humanities, Arts and Design area.
Social and Behavioral Sciences
CFS157 Marriage and Family Life 3
Natural Sciences
Any approved general education course in the Natural Sciences area.
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  • The total amount of credits required for this degree is 62-67.
  • Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses within the program
  • * Indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites
  • FON241 and FON241LL are suggested to satisfy the Natural Sciences area
  • ** Not all classes are offered every semester. Contact an academic advisor for additional information