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International Education

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How does Online Learning work?

Online learning courses are courses that can be done at home or in one of our computer labs. These courses can be taken through the Internet any time and any place that is convenient for you. You will do all your work on your own and email your assignments to your instructor. To test for these courses, you will either need to come to one of our sites or find a testing proctor near you.

2.) Where will I live?

Rio Salado College does not offer housing and does not have dormitories on campus. However, you may want to view this page for housing resources. View more.

3.) What is …?

  • A "credit hour?"
    A credit hour is usually equivalent to one clock hour of class each week for the length of the semester.
  • An "Academic Advisor?"
    An academic advisor will help you answer many questions including which courses to take and whether or not there are any prerequisites for a particular class.
  • A "Career/Personal Counselor?"
    A career/personal counselor will help you with career planning, job hunting skills, and information or referrals to community services.
  • "AA, AGS, ABUS degree"

4.) How many courses can I take?

As an F1 student you must be enrolled full-time. which is at least 12 credit hours. You can take up to 18 credit hours. If you want to go over 18 credits in a semester you must fill out a form and get permission from the International Director.

5.) Will distance learning credits transfer?

Most of Rio Salado's distance learning credits will transfer to most universities. However, please keep in mind that each college and university is different so it is up to the you, the student, to check with the school you plan on transferring to see if it will accept the credits or not.

6.) What type of financial aid can I get?

There is no financial aid or scholarships for F-1 international students.

7.) Is there any type of testing I will need to take prior to applying?

Depending on the course you want to take, you may need to take the ASSET test first. The ASSET test is a placement test that will test your knowledge in reading, math, and English.

8.) What do I need to do to change my Visa?

See details on the I-20 Visa webpage.

9.) Is there student employment?

We can assist in finding on campus work. There are requirements and paperwork required for working off campus. Contact Rick Conchos, Director, College Student/Educ. Services
at 480-517-8416 for more information.

10.) What is a Community College?

Find out more about the benefits to an international student of a community college.