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What is a Community College?

More Americans are enrolled in community colleges than in any other type of higher education institution. But these popular post-secondary schools are not very well understood outside the United States. What are community colleges? Why should international students take a closer look at them?

    Community colleges offer several kinds of programs of interest to international students:
  • University-transfer program
  • Technical programs
  • Job-training programs
  • Basic, skills programs
  • Special-interest programs

International students are probably most interested in the first program on this list: university-transfer programs. Community colleges offer the first two years of a normal four-year bachelor's degree program. Thus, students who attend a community college can prepare themselves to transfer to a four-year institution by completing the lower division courses at the community college instead of at a university. After two years, students can apply to the four-year college or university to complete their degree.

An Example Degree Pathway 

What are the advantages for international students coming to the US?

    For international students coming to the United States from other countries, community colleges offer some distinct advantages over other institutions:
    • Easy, open admission policies
    • Wide selection of academic and technical programs
    • Basic skill courses including ESL
    • Supportive learning environment with small classes
    • Low cost tuition
    • Credits fully transferable to other colleges and universities