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International Education

Health Insurance

Rio Salado College, in the Fall of 1997, introduced mandatory health insurance for all F-1 students. Rio Salado College supports the policy offered by the "Renaissance Agencies, Inc." because we believe it is very important for all international students to have adequate health insurance coverage while they are living in the United States. High quality health care and medical treatment is available in the USA, but it is very expensive. An international student who becomes sick or injured may incur medical expenses beyond his or her ability to pay. This situation could create hardship for you and / or your family.

The mandatory health insurance plan is offered by The Renaissance Agencies, Inc. and underwritten by the Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company. The underwriter handles all claim processing. All international students who register in the academic year will be automatically enrolled in a non-credit course with the title "NC 500: International Student Insurance. Enrollment in this course will cause a fee charge equal to the insurance to be added to your student account.

The insurance plan will cover you for five months in the fall semester, and seven months in the spring and summer semester. For the fall semester (August 11 - January 8). For the spring semester (January 8 - August 11). Note that J-1 visa students must elect spousal coverage. This amount will be added to your tuition and fee charges. You must pay this amount by the due date on your registration invoice.

Students can select any legally licensed practitioner for medical treatment. Student health insurance information may be obtained from the Renaissance Agencies, Inc. website at:

Some features of the plan are listed below:

  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation covered.
  • No emergency room deductible.
  • Prescription contraceptives covered.
  • Spousal and dependent care coverage available.

Students must obtain an authorized signature from the International Director on campus before submitting a claim form. In the event of injury or sickness always carry your identification card with you. If you go to the Physician's office or to the Hospital, be sure to show your identification card and have a signed claim form (Proof of Claim) with you. Authorized claim forms can be picked up at the Rio Salado College campus, Office of International Education.

If you currently have another insurance AND are being treated for an illness or injury, please visit with Rick Conchos, Director, College Student Services to inquire about an insurance waiver.

If you have any other questions please contact Rick Conchos, Director, College Student Services.