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International Education


Local Transportation

After passing through customs, you can then exit the terminal and locate a Shuttle service, a taxi, or a bus that will take you to your destination. Super Shuttle is the most popular form of transportation from the Sky Harbor Airport to your destination.

There is also taxi service available just outside the terminal exits. Costs can range anywhere from $20.00 - $35.00.

If you are temporarily staying at a hotel, you might be able to receive complimentary (free) transportation. Please call your hotel in advance to make arrangements for hotel shuttle services if it's available at your hotel.

Bus Service in Phoenix

You can usually find bus routes close to where you live, though the times may not always be convenient. There are local and express bus routes to most parts of the greater Phoenix area.

For online schedules and other bus information, see the Valley Metro web site.

Students will be given more details about health care and medical insurance during the orientation session. For additional information, please contact the International Education office.

Automobiles and Driving

If bus transportation is not always convenient and available, you may want to get a driver license and buy a car to drive. Though cars are in many ways the easiest form of transportation in this large valley, you should think before you take steps to buy a car. First, figure out how much you can afford to spend on a car, title and license, insurance, maintenance, and fuel. Owning a car could double your expenses. Discuss the matter with your financial sponsor as well. Even if you buy a relatively inexpensive car for around $5,000, you could easily spend another $5,000 per year on fuel, license plates, upkeep, tires, repairs, parking, and insurance. Before you even think about buying a car, be sure to get an Arizona driver license.

Driver Licenses

Everyone who drives in Arizona must have a valid driver license or instruction permit. As an out-of-state foreign student you can drive with an International Driver License and your home country driver license. Or if you have a valid driver license issued in another state, you don't have to get an Arizona driver license. However, if you plan to stay in Arizona for a few years, it is advisable for you to obtain an Arizona license. In fact, you may not be able to get car insurance without an Arizona license.


Bicycles are a very popular mode of transportation for many students. Inexpensive second-hand bikes can be purchased in several places from second-hand bike shops to swap meets, campus "for sale" bulletins, personal advertising in newspapers, and garage sales.

It is important to lock your bicycle securely whenever you leave it.