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International Education

What to Bring

Immigration Documents: Make copies of all your documents and make a list of all your valuable items just in case they get lost or stolen. Obtaining replacement documents and articles can be time consuming and costly if you do not have records.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I-94 card (arrival and departure record)
  • I-20AB/I-20ID

Other Important Items:

  • Airline tickets
  • Credit cards
  • Emergency contact information
  • Medicines and prescriptions. Bring an extra pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses as well as your prescription. If your contact lens requires special solutions for maintenance, bring extra solutions.
  • Birth Certificate (copy)
  • Transcripts and educational documents (extra copies)
  • Electrical Adapter (Voltage in U. S. is 110)
  • Immigration Documents: During your flight into the United States, you will be given a custom's declaration card (form 6059-B). Please read it carefully and fill it out completely. Make sure that you have your I-94 card.


Arizona has some of the best weather in the United States between the months of September through May. The temperature will average 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 - 24 Celcius degrees) during the day and 35-45 °F (2 - 7 °C) at night. Our summer months, June through August, can reach temperatures of over 100 °F (43 °C). Light cotton clothing is recommended for most of the year if you are living in the greater Phoenix area. Most people dress very casual in the summer months. Many stores sell very light cotton long sleeve blouses or t-shirts to avoid getting sunburns. They are made from a special "wicking" material that allows perspiration to evaporate quickly and leave you feeling cooler, yet protected.

Our winter temperatures can be chilly, reaching temperatures of 50 - 60 °F (11 - 15 °C). During winter months, you will need jeans, sweaters and a light jacket. If you leave the greater Phoenix area to visit cities located in higher elevations, you will need heavier and warmer clothing during the winter months. It snows in many places such as Flagstaff, Prescott, Show Low and Payson. All these cities and towns are only about 1 - 2 hour car drive.

In addition to recommended clothing items, we strongly recommend you always wear sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat in the summer months.